Austin Boxer Rescue Volunteer Event

A group of alumni and friends joined the Austin Alumni Club at the Austin Boxer Rescue to volunteer. Everyone who attended received a Brutus volunteer t-shirt and every dog was walked, socialized, fed, and some of them got dressed in ugly sweaters and other fun holiday dog costumes!

A few highlights from the president:

We usually walk around the campus of St. Edward’s University since it’s across the street from where the dogs are kenneled. A campus police officer stopped a group of 3 of our alums who had 3 dogs. It was so he could take a picture of them. Then he interacted with the dogs, loved one of them, and got information on how to adopt.

One of the couples fell in love with the very shy, scared, boxer they walked. They got information from the boxer rescue and the next Saturday they picked her up to foster her. 20 minutes later they foster failed and adopted little Betty Boop, fastest foster fail in Austin Boxer Rescue history 🙂

Another alum is fostering the dog she walked and is actively helping to find John Gibbons a home. Austin Boxer Rescue is so impressed with our club and so thankful for our help. We’ve inspired several of them to try to get alums from their colleges to do what we do. The staff from the Vet Clinic, who are mostly from Texas A&M, love us and every time they see me they yell “Go Ohio!” it’s great.

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